Our Memory

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I want to cry because I miss you.
I want to hug you and touch your face.
What can I do, you're too far away.
I just hope that the time passes fast 'til
I can hold you again.

I will Hold You Forever in my Heart no matter what <3

Our Memory
Our Memory
Our Memory

Your smile that I still remember..
Thinking all those times, here in this damn
it feels my heart as cold as shiver..
tears in my eyes falls, as I surrender..
All I have to do, is to watch in this photograph.
Where times were frozen and your lovely laugh..
I keep this a secret, for you not to know,
That I really Love You, But still I have to let go..
Time passes by and day turns grey,
Moments of ours, keep vanishing away,
As clock ticks , hours and seconds goes slowly...
You're the only one that I missed, Until I'd be a
Faded Memory..

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